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The Last Days on Mars poster

The Last Days on Mars (2013)

The Last Days on Mars DVD and Blu-ray release date was March 4, 2014. The Last Days on Mars Netflix rental release date is March 4, 2014 (estimated) and Redbox release date is March 4, 2014 (estimated).
WhereMediaRelease Date
March 4, 2014Mar 4, 2014 calendar
Amazon Video
Amazon Video
October 31, 2013Oct 31, 2013
Digital HDNo date yet
DVD rentalMarch 4, 2014Mar 4, 2014
DVD rentalMarch 4, 2014Mar 4, 2014


Starring: Liev Schreiber, Elias Koteas, Romola Garai, Olivia Williams, Johnny Harris
Director: Ruairi Robinson
Writer: Sydney J. Bounds, Clive Dawson
In Theaters: September 19, 2013
Runtime: 98 min
The barren red expanses of Mars hold hidden artifacts that are perhaps best left unrevealed. Mankind has finally established a research base named Tantalus on Earth's next-door neighbor, and at the very end of the first mission's timetable a member of the pioneering group has stumbled across an incredible find in what appears to be a sample of fossilized bacteria. Keeping his discovery secret and spurred on by sheer greedy excitement, the man disregards his crewmates' call to get packed for the return trip and heads into the wasteland to find more fossils. However, disaster strikes when the man falls through the Mars surface into a vast pit. His crewmates embark on a rescue effort that seems almost guaranteed to fail when a horrific, unforeseen biological threat suddenly begins to tear the rest of the crew apart one by one. As chaos ensues and astronauts fall prey to the encroaching plague, the reality sets in that one man's secret may have led to the downfall of everyone around him.
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