The League Season 4 (2009)
DVD Release Date September 3, 2013


In Theaters:
October 29, 2009


30 min


The League is a loosely scripted comedy series set in Chicago about a tight knit group of six friends and their fantasy football league. Fantasy football is an obsession for many who play it, which is a central theme of the show. Viewers will see how marriage, friendship, careers, parenting, and even pride are affected by this group's love of the game. These friends never miss a chance to sabotage one another in their attempts to become the champion of the league. The humor and situations in the show aren't all football related, so non-football fans could find the show relevant as well.



When does The League Season 4 come out on DVD and Blu-Ray on Redbox, Netflix, iTunes and Amazon?

Release Date
September 3, 2013
Amazon Instant
October 12, 2012
September 3, 2013
October 12, 2012

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