Boardwalk Empire Season 3 (2010)
DVD Release Date August 20, 2013


In Theaters:
September 19, 2010



60 min


During the 1920s, prohibition was in full swing with temperance leagues leading the way toward a sober society. Nucky Thompson, an Atlantic City treasury official, sees the lack of funds toward his beautiful town and looks to alcohol for redemption. Nucky enlists the help of Jimmy Darmody, an old friend, and looks into the bootlegging business. Under the cover of city business, Nucky is able to move large liquor amounts into speakeasies. As news of the flowing liquor arises, important officials and wealthy entrepreneurs visit these establishments and become part of Nucky's growing crime ring. As Nucky works with other bootlegging professionals, including Luciano and Rothstein, Jimmy slowly works his way out from under Nucky's thumb and forms his own bootlegging group with Capone. The East Coast bootlegging industry has begun with blood and money flowing at every outlet. To complicate Nucky's life even further, he meets Margaret Schroeder, a pregnant woman trying to find a job for her husband. After finding the man to be abusive, Nucky quietly murders him and slowly falls for Margaret and her family.



When does Boardwalk Empire Season 3 come out on DVD and Blu-Ray on Redbox, Netflix, iTunes and Amazon?

Release Date
August 20, 2013
Amazon Instant
August 19, 2013
August 20, 2013
September 17, 2012

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