Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters (2013)
DVD Release Date December 17, 2013


In Theaters:
August 7, 2013


Adventure, Family, Fantasy

106 min

$68.4 mil


Percy Jackson is just like any other boy, except he happens to be a half-blood, meaning one of his parents is a human and one is a god. In Percy's case, his father is Poseidon, giving him some pretty amazing powers over the seas. He and a few of his friends, who are also half-bloods, live in a safe haven, which is the only place their kind can live peaceably. However, all of that has changed, as their home has recently come under attack. The only hope of saving their safe haven from those who are trying to destroy it is by obtaining the Golden Fleece, which is hidden in the Sea of Monsters - also known as the Bermuda Triangle. In this adventure-packed movie, Percy and his friends embark into the Sea of Monsters to obtain the Golden Fleece and save their home, and their people, before it's too late.
Logan Lerman, Alexandra Daddario, Douglas Smith

Thor Freudenthal

Marc Guggenheim, Rick Riordan

Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters PosterPercy Jackson: Sea of Monsters PosterPercy Jackson: Sea of Monsters PosterPercy Jackson: Sea of Monsters PosterPercy Jackson: Sea of Monsters PosterPercy Jackson: Sea of Monsters Poster

When does Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters come out on DVD and Blu-Ray?

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December 17, 2013
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Amazon Instant Video
December 3, 2013

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